VB Sea Camp Parent Testimonials

"VB Sea Camp has been one of the greatest summer experiences that my son has had. Not only does he get to learn how to respect our local wildlife with an outstanding leader and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, but he also gets to enjoy the exceptional weather of Virginia Beach. Each day he comes home happy, exhausted and with great stories and experiences from a full day on the water. This is an extraordinary camp that every young child should experience." Jennifer H.

"Sea Camp gets an A+ and is the first camp on our summer calendar! Our daughter has participated for five consecutive years. She enjoys the kayaking, water adventures, marine exploration, and hikes. Sea Camp instructors and counselors are organized, prepared, energetic, and very knowledgeable. It's a super-fun and educational experience!" Ruth M.

"My three children have participated in Virginia Beach Sea Camp for years and it is truly one of the highlights of their summer! The staff is top-notch, so bright, knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic! Captain Octopus and the Oyster Queen are truly amazing! My children have been introduced to so many new and unusual opportunities and they have developed such a love and respect for our Chesapeake Bay. They come home exhausted and inspired every day of camp!!" Karen L.

Some of my most favorite summertime memories have been made at Sea Camp! The experiences, the activities, and the natural magic of the Chesapeake Bay bring me back year after year. Last summer I had the privilege of assisting as a counselor. To be honest, for me one of the biggest draws of Sea Camp are the animals. From the tiny silver fish to a stingray, every year, I discover and experience something new. One year I had my first experience with wild dolphins. It was one of my earlier years at sea camp and I had just set out in a tandem (a two seated kayak) with one of my new friends. As we followed Axel (awesome counselor!) into the water and toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge we saw a sleek grey fin appear in the distance from our kayak platoon. With a sigh of relief, we realized it was a dolphin and stopped to watch the grey fin glide smoothly through the water toward us. Suddenly more dolphins appeared and began to swim around us. I had never seen a wild dolphin in the flesh before and I remember being amazed as the dolphins traveled closer and closer. As quickly as the dolphins appeared, they vanished and the water became still as if they had never been there at all. However, as we raised our paddles to once again continue our journey toward the bridge, ripples appeared next to my tandem and a dolphin surfaced inches away! I will always remember this amazing Sea Camp experience and that it is truly Better Out There!" Written by a Sea Camp veteran and 2017 volunteer on Mermaid Training Camp. Madison (age 14)